The Advanced MUSE Data products (AMUSED) is a public web interface for inspection and retrieval of extragalactic MUSE data products.

The data are organized in a PostgresSQL relational database. User can perform advanced source selection. The resulting source list can be visually inspected by looking to spectra, emission and absorption lines fit, reconstructed broadband and narrowband images and ancillary information (e.g. HST images).

This process allows user to refine the selection, possibly taking notes for sources of interest, and then download the selected data. Exported data can be tables in CSV or FITS format, interactive htmls visualisation files and sources files in the MPDAF multi-fits format.
User can also download the full data set without the need to inspect the sources, including the final reduced datacubes.

How to use

The database is organised in scientific projects. Each projects is subdivided in fields, that is various sky location.
For each field, we provide the sources identified in the MUSE datacubes.
Each source is composed of a number of measurments (i.e. sky coordinate, redshifts, magnitude), associated spectra, images and datacubes.
The selection and inspection process is detailed in the help project page.


  • Roland Bacon, CRAL, CNRS
  • Gregory Salvignol, OSUL, CNRS
  • Louis Charnay, work performed during his DUT internship May-June 2022 (Universit√© Lyon 1, Bourg en Bresse)


For questions about the web interface, please contact Gregory Salvignol.
For questions about projects, data content, please see the corresponding project page.